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Plan for return to Lancaster’s ‘new normal’ – after half term

Parents will be fully aware of the journey we have been on over the last two years. The disruption to our students lives and learning has been unprecedented and we are keen to get the school back to full running order. So far we have kept to class bubbles and while this has been relatively safe, students have missed out on many social opportunities, friendships and assemblies.

In order to achieve our aim of running the school in the ‘new normal’ way, we have met with one of the expert specialist doctors in Southend and discussed in detail how we can do this and keep everyone in school as safe as possible.

It’s important for parents to know that nearly every single member of staff in school has had the three vaccinations.

We now also know that 75% of parents sent us information about their son / daughters vaccinations status and that 75% of these students have had at least their first vaccination and most have had 2 or 3. So over half of our students have had 2 or more vaccinations. This helps to protect us all.

We now test over 90% of students using the LFD test on site regularly and this has become part of our students’ normal routines.

To move forward, here is what we will be doing after half term –

  • All staff will test at home before coming to school every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Any who test positive will isolate and follow NHS advice before returning.
  • We will test students every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the very start of the school day. Staff will meet students on arrival wearing masks and gloves and will test in class straight away.
  • We ask that students arrive at school wearing masks, which they will wear until they are tested and everyone in the class is found to be negative.
  • Any student who tests positive will be isolated straight away and parents will be called. These students will isolate at home, following NHS guidance and can return to school after negative tests on days 5 and 6 or after day 10, if they have no symptoms.
  • Once everyone in each class has been tested and everyone onsite is negative, we will be able to remove masks and socially mix across the school. This includes mixing at break time and in assembly. Some of our students have never been into an assembly in the hall!

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about this. I will be updating our risk assessment to reflect these changes and putting it on the website in due course.

I can be reached on 07900 – 366710 or by email on