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Safeguarding Update

Safeguarding Policy Addendum


Safeguarding Arrangements during Coronavirus Closure

During the Coronavirus school closure period, the following arrangements have been put in to place to support our school community.


Designated Safeguarding Leads
Tom Jackson-Owens is available to staff, students and families and can be contacted using email or by mobile phone on        and       07900 -366710 


Maintaining Contact with Students

During the closure period, some of our more vulnerable students, add students whose parents both work as ‘key workers’, will be offered a place at our reduced provision service. 

Families of students who have high care needs and those who are known to social care will be contacted by Tom Jackson-Owens once a week, for a welfare ‘check in’. 

If there should be follow-up actions or support required, Tom will contact social care.  


Reporting a concern as a member of staff

If a staff member has a concern about a student, then this can be reported to Tom Jackson-Owens in the usual way or via email. 


Social care support for families and students

If any families need support at this time they can contact social care.

For students who are 17 or under the social care contact numbers are –

01702 215007 (Southend) or 0345 603 762718 (Essex)

For students who are 18 and over the social care contact numbers are –

0845 606 1212 (Southend) or 0845 6037630 (Essex)


This addendum will be reviewed as and when necessary, during the closure period.

31st March 2020