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School Update 1 June 2020

A letter has been sent home to parents and carers today with the information found below.

1st June 2020


Dear Parents / Carers,

Updated information

I hope this letter finds you and everyone in your family well. As the school has taken more students in today I wanted to write to you to keep you updated with information.

From today we will have three groups of 6 students in school each day and the staff will be following our risk assessment (groups never mix, everyone washes their hands regularly, staff stay with their groups, groups enter and exit the building through different doors and surfaces are cleaned regularly through the day).

Track and trace

Last week’s launch of the new track and trace system could potentially have an impact on the service we are running. Our current plan is based on the number of staff we have available and it is possible that this level of staffing could be affected if staff cannot come in to work (if they have to isolate). Parents will be contacted if we have to cancel their son / daughters place in school due to staff absence and this might be done at short notice – although we’ll do all we can to give parents some notice.

In the event of having to cancel places, priority for places in school will be given to students whose parents are key workers.


Students staying at home


I wish to reassure parents that if you are keeping your son or daughter at home to keep them safe, we will respect that decision and their absence will be approved by us (we will not take action regarding absence and we will not pressure anyone to send students into school).


Risk assessment

Our risk assessment is available on the website and will be updated as and when circumstances change. Please let me know if you would like a paper copy of the risk assessment posted to you.

Contact with students and their families

Nathan and I will continue our well-being contact with the families of students who are staying at home. We’ll do this by email or phone calls each week.

Teachers will continue to contact students in their classes at least once a week using ‘Zoom’ or ‘Teams’. If your son / daughter is at home and not involved in this, please contact your son / daughter’s teacher and they will tell how they can be included. Many parents are telling us that students at home are finding these sessions really helpful and the contact with friends is wonderful.

Learning at home

Teachers will send school work when requested by parents, so please contact your son / daughters teacher if you want school work. This is done by email. There is also a list of useful websites for learning on our parents’ letters section of the school website.

If you are not able to print documents that have been sent to you, let your teacher know and we’ll print any documents and send them to you by post (someone in our admin team is in each day).

If you’d like to borrow any books from our library, let me know and I’ll select some and leave at reception for you to collect.



Some parents have asked if students who are leaving this summer will be able to return in September to finish school. I am not aware of any plans for this and it is highly unlikely that this will happen as students are transitioning into the school in September, therefore limiting our capacity.

We will be holding a leavers prom at some point, so the leavers can celebrate finishing school. It is planned for the end of July but if restrictions are still in place, we will hold this in the Autumn.


Contact – my mobile phone number  

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you want more information – my mobile number is 07900-366710 – and I’m available all day every day


Best wishes – stay safe.



Tom Jackson-Owens

Head teacher