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Free iPhones available for students with a visual impairment

The Guide Dogs charity are providing iPads/iPhones for young people with a visual impairment.

Here is the information they provide to apply for one.......

For children with a vision impairment, technology is vital.

It develops learning, creativity, life skills, and ultimately independence. While technology in schools remains the responsibility of local authorities, it’s important for children with a vision impairment to have access to their own devices at home – to support learning, or simply to have fun and explore the interests and activities they enjoy. We’re committed to making this possible for children in the UK with a vision impairment aged 3-18, and to make the application process as simple as possible. Tech for All For a limited time, we are offering iPads to visually impaired children aged 3-18, while secondary school-age children (age 11-18) may choose an iPhone instead. These devices have excellent accessibility features built-in, such as screen magnification, voiceover and audio descriptions. We will also be there to help you and your child make the most of their new device, by providing online guides and tutorials to help them get started and to ensure they know how to stay safe online. The devices will be completely free of charge. The only requirement is proof of vision impairment.

Apply for a free iPad or iPhone today, by filling in the simple online form at

Stocks are limited so don’t miss out!

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