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Work Experience, Volunteering & Enterprise

Our new vocational curriculum has “hit the term running”. We have successfully launched a new vocational curriculum with over five new vocational units. Our Bicycle Maintenance class have been working hard to maintain the school’s bikes, the Retail and Craft classes have been busy preparing for our Christmas Fair on the 14th December and our Hospitality and Catering class have been preparing and running the Elevenses Cafe, which is not only open for staff but also welcoming a large number of visitors on a Friday morning.  In addition to providing an opportunity to develop practical and vocational skills, the new vocational units have focused on developing other important life skills, such as communication, collaborative working and problem solving.

Involvement of the local community has featured prominently this term. Groups 3, 4 and 5 have been involved in weekly volunteering projects on a Wednesday afternoon. These have included our ‘Parklife’ project in collaboration with the Make Southend Sparkle team where our students have been planting and litter picking in a different local park each week. One class has also completed a City and Guilds ‘Can Do’ volunteering project by working at Rochford Road allotments. They have been busy planting, harvesting and clearing. We have also had a small group of students visiting Admiral Court care home to support the residents.

Relevant work experience has featured prominently this term. We have had eight students complete purposeful and relevant work placements this autumn. As well as continued successful placements at the Attic, Waitrose, Margaret Raymond Florist and Grumpies we have had new placements such as St Michael of all Angels Pre-School. Indeed, the student at the pre-school has been so successful that they have asked her to extend her hours of work. This half term will also see two new placements commence at Chalkwell Park and Morley nursery.  We would like to extend our thanks to all our community partners for offering these experiences to our students.

Work Experience

At Lancaster school we believe that work experience must be purposeful and relevant to a young person’s study programme and aspirations. The school links curriculum learning to the workplace by the creation of a range of placements outside of the school. Currently we have over 8 weekly placements that all our students are expected to access. Here are pictures of Emma and Courtney working at Waitrsose and Henry working at Grumpys Diner.


At Lancaster School we expect all learners to take part in community volunteering projects. A key element to vocational learning is direct involvement in the local community and the world of work so the school has strong links with the local community and has created a robust and sustainable volunteering programme. This term we have been working on a ‘parklife’ project with the Make Southend Sparkle team and working with ‘Can Do’ at Rochford Road allotments.


‘Learning beyond the classroom’ is vitally important to all learners. Enterprise features prominently in the curriculum for all students. This term our students have been cooking cakes and then running the Elevenses Cafe.

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